Koutouloufari Village - Hersonissos

The village Koutouloufari is situated above Hersonissos port and is built near the foot of the Charakas Mountain.

The characterization of the village as "traditional"concentrates the elements of another kind of tourist development,mainly based on highlighiting the exciting local colour of the island. In this amphitheatrically built village, traditionis vividly expressed,not only in the attidutes and characters of the inhabitants but also reflected by the works of artand in the shaping of places.

The perfect combination of mountain and see lendthe visitor a sensation of serenity and a mood for exploration and entertainment.

A tour within the village is worth making a stop. Relax for a cup of coffee for ice cream or for dinner.

At every step,you will have the opportunity to capture a picture,a traditional house or the breathtaking view to the endless blue see.

Old Hersonissos

The village of Old Hersonissos located within a small distance to the south was built due to the fear of the pirates, that forced the inhabitants of the village to move in the inland.

Near Old Hersonissos there are two picturesque small villages, Piskopiano and Koutouloufari, overlooking the busy resort of Limin Hersonissos.


The Village of Piskopiano is related to the establishment of the old diocese of Hersonissos. It is a village ,which will astound you with the simlicity of its beauty and with its charm and character.

The old buildings in the villas will amaze you.Piskopiano is the meeting point of the present and the past,as harmoniously linked to modern times needs.

You can equally visit the Agricultural Museum,a monument of the beautiful tradition of the place kept alive,while the time changes,threatening to eliminate it.

Admire the beauties of Piskopiano and feel during your holiday

Hersonisos (Limin Hersonissos)

Hersonissos is located 26 km east of Iraklion on the road to Agios Nikolaos.

It keeps the name of the ancient city that was located in the place that the harbour of Hersonissos is today.


Regular public transportation is available for visiting Hersonissos.

History & Sights

In the site that the harbour of Hersonissos is built today, there was the city of ancient Hersonissos.

The Roman Hersonisos had wonderful marble waterfalls.The city was first built during the Minoan times but experienced great prosperity during Roman and early Byzantine period.

Remnants of this period can be seen today in the area of Kastri, on a promontory where excavations have revealed an early Christian basilica.

The ancient city of Hersonissos was irrigated by an aqueduct, ruins of which can be found today at Xerokamares, at the village of Potamies.

The harbour of Hersonissos is famous for its night life as there are many bars, restaurants and tavernas next to the beach.

The visitor to the area of Hersonissos will find a large number of shops with jewels, furs, clothing etc. and of course many places to rent cars or bikes.

Daily cruises are also organised by various travel agents, to the neighbouring island of DIA and many other small islets and beaches in the area.